Cytonic audiobook – The Skyward Series, Book 3

Embark on an interstellar journey with Spensa in Cytonic audiobook. Crafted by the brilliant Brandon Sanderson and brought to life by Suzy Jackson’s enthralling narration, dive into a galaxy of secrets, alliances, and a looming war. Dive into this captivating adventure, available now on

The gentle hum of the subway during my morning commute turned out to be the perfect backdrop as I delved into Brandon Sanderson’s Cytonic audiobook. There’s something about listening to a gripping tale of galactic battles and intricate politics as the world around me rushes by.

Brandon Sanderson is no stranger to weaving intricate tapestries of tales. The genius behind masterpieces like The Lost Metal and Words of Radiance has managed, yet again, to draw readers into a universe rife with tension, secrets, and unexpected alliances in this third installment of The Skyward Series.

Spensa, the heart and soul of the narrative, is the embodiment of a fierce and tenacious spirit. From her early days as a determined pilot of the Defiant Defense Force to her new role as an undercover spy, her growth is palpable. What really caught me was how Sanderson paints a picture of a world beyond the familiar boundaries of Detritus, pulling us into the political maelstrom of the Superiority.

With every twist and turn, Suzy Jackson’s voice seemed to amplify the emotions underlying the story. Her narration brought a depth to Spensa’s character and truly accentuated the underlying tension that pervades the narrative. Whether it was a dramatic confrontation with the Krell or the covert operations in the Superiority, Jackson’s narration added layers of intensity to the already gripping tale.

Listening to Cytonic felt like a roller coaster, navigating the highs and lows of Spensa’s journey amidst the sprawling canvas of an intergalactic war. The boundaries between right and wrong blurred as the Superiority’s intentions unfolded, and I found myself constantly questioning where loyalties truly lay.

By the time my commute was over, I was deep into the world Sanderson had created, reluctant to pull out my earphones and step back into reality.

In essence, Cytonic audiobook is a testament to Brandon Sanderson’s storytelling prowess, enhanced by Suzy Jackson’s riveting narration. A must-listen for every fantasy and sci-fi aficionado!

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