Aerie audiobook – Dragon Jousters Series, Book 4

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Aerie audiobook by Mercedes Lackey. Follow Kiron, once a slave but now hailed as a king, as he leads his dragon riders into battle against an insidious enemy. With Ryan Burke’s captivating narration bringing every scene to life, this action-packed installment promises excitement at every turn. Join Kiron on his quest for freedom and experience this epic fantasy adventure for free on

In the tranquil hours of a lazy Sunday morning, I found myself captivated by the world of Aerie audiobook by Mercedes Lackey. As I lay in bed, wrapped in the cozy warmth of my blankets, Ryan Burke’s soothing voice transported me to a realm where dragons and their riders fought for freedom.

Aerie picks up where the previous installments left off, with the dragons and their riders seeking refuge in a hidden desert sanctuary. The enemy lurks in the shadows, aware of their presence and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Within the walls of this newfound safe city, Kiron, once a slave, now finds himself with the power to build an army capable of combating the enemy’s dark magic.

Mercedes Lackey expertly weaves together a tale of resilience and determination as Kiron prepares his men for battle. Despite being presented with an opportunity for peace and tranquility, Kiron cannot allow evil to prevail. With each passing chapter, Ryan Burke’s narration brings life to intense war scenes and exhilarating training sessions.

Aerie not only expands on existing characters but also introduces new dragons and dragon riders into the fold. The addition of these fresh perspectives adds depth to an already rich narrative. It is evident that Mercedes Lackey had a grand vision from the start – to create a king out of a boy who simply yearns for freedom from tyranny.

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