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Discover the gripping mystery thriller Private Berlin audiobook by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan. Follow Chris Schneider’s disappearance in Germany as Mattie Engel takes on a dangerous investigation filled with secrets that could shake Europe. With captivating narration by January LaVoy and Ari Fliakos, immerse yourself in this international adventure for free on Get ready for a pulse-pounding journey!

In the heart of Berlin, I found myself immersed in the thrilling world of Private Berlin audiobook by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan. As I sat on a train during my morning commute, the suspenseful story unfolded before me, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

The protagonist, Chris Schneider, is an agent for a detective firm in Berlin. With his unique methods and years of experience, he is called upon to solve some of the toughest cases. However, when he suddenly disappears, the firm is left with no choice but to bring in Mattie Engel, his ex-girlfriend and a determined investigator in her own right.

As Mattie delves into the dark underbelly of Berlin, secrets are unveiled that have the potential to engulf all of Europe. The authors paint a vivid picture of Germany as we explore this new part of the world within the series. The international perspective adds an exciting dimension to the story.

The narration by January LaVoy and Ari Fliakos brings depth to each character’s voice. Their separate pitches and tones enhance the listening experience, particularly when portraying male and female characters. They also capture the essence of German language and culture, adding authenticity to the setting.

Private Berlin is a fast-paced mystery thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. Join Chris Schneider and Mattie Engel as they navigate through dangerous secrets and high-stakes investigations. If you’re ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, listen to this audiobook for free on

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