Sky Raiders audiobook – Five Kingdoms, Book 1

Join Cole Randolph on an unforgettable journey in Sky Raiders audiobook. Penned by Brandon Mull and narrated by Keith Nobbs, step into the magical realm of the Five Kingdoms. As mysteries unravel and kingdoms await, embark on a tale that lies between reality and imagination. Experience the magic now, available for free at

Settled in my favorite nook in the local library, with a steaming cup of chai, I plugged in my earphones, eager to dive into Brandon Mull’s Sky Raiders audiobook. I’ve been a longtime fan of Brandon Mull, his captivating tales in Master of the Phantom Isle and Wrath of the Dragon King having enthralled me before. Keith Nobbs, the narrator, has been a constant companion in these audio journeys, and I was eager to hear his rendition of Sky Raiders.

The story is a thrilling start to the Five Kingdoms series, whisking us away on an unexpected adventure with Cole Randolph. All he wanted was a memorable Halloween night and perhaps some quality time with Jenna Hunt. But fate had other plans. What started as a spooky haunted house adventure morphed into an exhilarating journey in a mysterious realm known as The Outskirts.

Brandon Mull’s vivid imagination paints The Outskirts with a mesmerizing palette. It’s a place that’s neither here nor there, oscillating between dreams and reality, life and the great beyond. Every word and description pulls you further into this mystical world, leaving reality far behind.

Keith Nobbs’ narration only amplified my experience. His voice, rich with emotion, gave life to Cole’s character, making the challenges and dilemmas Cole faced palpable. The shifts between kingdoms, the ebbs and flows of the story, were beautifully captured in Nobbs’ varying tones and pace.

As Cole dived deeper into the mysteries of The Outskirts, seeking his friends and navigating the complexities of the kingdoms, I too found myself drawn into the intricacies of this captivating world. The boundaries of The Outskirts might be ambiguous, but the allure of the tale was unequivocally real.

In conclusion, Sky Raiders audiobook is an enchanting journey, one that promises excitement, mystery, and a window into realms unexplored. Brandon Mull has once again created a universe I’m eager to revisit.

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