Vines audiobook – The Killers, Book 1

Dive into the rustic charm of Brynne Asher’s ‘Vines’ audiobook, where a woman seeks a fresh start in the countryside, discovering simplicity, love, and the dedication to rejuvenate a neglected vineyard. Narrated by Kit Swann and Jason Clarke, this romance unfolds as a stranger, Crew Vega, becomes entangled in her world. Experience the allure of love, dedication, and unexpected challenges in this captivating series opener. Available for free on

As a American woman with a penchant for romance novels, ‘Vines’ by Brynne Asher resonated deeply with my desire for stories of new beginnings and unexpected love. The author’s portrayal of a woman embarking on a journey to the countryside for a fresh start struck a chord with my own yearning for simplicity and connection.

The vivid imagery of the vineyard, brought to life by Kit Swann and Jason Clarke’s narration, created a sensory experience that transported me to the heart of the story. I found myself drawn to the protagonist’s dedication and resilience as she worked tirelessly to revive both her farm and her life.

Crew Vega’s introduction added a layer of intrigue and romance that kept me engaged throughout. The chemistry between the characters, as depicted by the narrators, felt palpable, and I couldn’t help but root for them as their stories intertwined.

In the quiet moments of the audiobook, whether I was sipping my coffee on a crisp morning or winding down before sleep, the narrative provided a comforting escape. Brynne Asher’s storytelling, combined with the immersive narration, turned ‘Vines’ into an audiobook that I would gladly recommend to fellow romance enthusiasts.

Overall, ‘Vines’ proved to be a delightful listen, blending the charm of rural life with the allure of unexpected romance. It’s a tale that captures the essence of starting anew and finding love in the most unexpected places.

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