Sleeping Murder audiobook – Miss Marple, Book 13

Dive into the world of mysteries with the Sleeping Murder Audiobook penned by the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie. Let Stephanie Cole’s riveting voice guide you through twists and turns in this Miss Marple series entry. Eager to unveil the secrets lurking in Gwenda’s new home? Listen and download for free on, and let every enigma unfurl before your ears.

As I wrapped myself in a cozy blanket on a breezy morning on my balcony, I pressed play on Sleeping Murder Audiobook by Agatha Christie. Stephanie Cole’s narration instantly enveloped me in the ambiance of Gwenda’s journey to find the perfect home. The nuanced tone, rich with anticipation and mystery, made me feel as if I was right beside Gwenda, experiencing every shadow and whisper of the old house.

Agatha Christie, as always, proves why she remains an icon in the literary world. Her knack for weaving complex narratives and unpredictable twists is unparalleled. The story of Gwenda, and her unsettling discoveries in her new home, showcases Christie’s ability to blend the mundane with the mysterious seamlessly.

The spine-tingling sensation of realizing that something is amiss in Gwenda’s new home made me reminisce about the times I’ve felt eeriness in unfamiliar places. Stephanie Cole’s voice has a unique capability to heighten the suspense, making my heart race with every revelation.

As a woman in her 30s, the character of Miss Marple resonates deeply. Her wisdom, experience, and tenacity are qualities I’ve always admired. Watching her dissect every clue and steer through the layers of mystery was an absolute treat.

By the end of the audiobook, my heart was pounding, and my thoughts were racing. Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder isn’t just a mere mystery; it’s a journey into the unknown corridors of human psychology and the darkness that can reside in seemingly innocent places.

Once the final chapter concluded, I was left in awe, marveling at Christie’s genius, and thankful for the serene environment around me. Such is the magic of a brilliant story – it can momentarily shift your perception of the world.

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