Alta audiobook – Dragon Jousters Series, Book 2

Embark on an epic adventure with Alta audiobook by Mercedes Lackey. Join Vetch as he raises and trains his own dragon while navigating through a society that sees him as a villain. With captivating narration by Ryan Burke and thrilling battles against formidable warriors, this science fiction and fantasy tale will transport you to a world where dragons soar and heroes rise. Listen and immerse yourself for free on A thrilling journey awaits!

In the tranquil hours of the evening, I found myself engrossed in the fantastical world of Alta audiobook by Mercedes Lackey. As I lay in bed, with the soft glow of a bedside lamp casting a warm light, I was transported to a land where dragons soared and heroes emerged.

The story follows Vetch, a young man who has successfully raised his own dragon and now seeks to train him. However, his newfound abilities make him an outcast in society. The people around him fail to understand his vision, and as they close in on him and his dragon, he must make a daring escape.

With determination in his heart, Vetch returns to his birthplace, only to find that the native people are willing to accept him. But convincing them to join him in training and fighting against seasoned warriors proves to be an uphill battle. Vetch’s impassioned speeches inspire hope, but the challenge of training both dragons and their riders is far greater than he anticipated.

Mercedes Lackey weaves a tale filled with adventure and imagination. Just as she did in her previous work Joust, she introduces new fictional creatures like Maggot to keep readers intrigued until the main storyline unfolds. The people of Alta share a common desire for freedom, which binds them together even as they face challenges on their journey.

Narrated by Ryan Burke, the audiobook brings this enchanting world to life. While there were occasional hiccups in Burke’s narration during certain words, overall it was flawless. Dragon training and raising will undoubtedly captivate listeners of all ages, especially children who delight in such magical tales.

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