The Path of Daggers Audiobook – TWOT Book 8

TWOT Book 8 – The Path of Daggers Audiobook mp3 unabridged is the eighth book in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. The audiobook tells the story of the continuing struggle against the Dark One and the forces of the Shadow as the main characters, led by Rand al’Thor, attempt to unite the nations of the world against the impending invasion by the Seanchan empire.

The book also explores the political machinations and power struggles within the various factions as well as the personal struggles and relationships of the characters.

The audiobook version of The Path of Daggers is now available on It’s a great way to listen to the story, at 23 hours and 25 minutes long. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are the narrators, and their narration is so captivating that you’ll be hooked from the very beginning. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time!

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The Seanchan invaders are heading for Illian – and Rand’s army of Asha’man soldiers. When they meet in battle, some of the Asha’man are afflicted by madness, unable to control their channeling and unleashing raw power.

The madness extends to Rand himself. He has been hearing the voice of a man believed to have been the previous Dragon Reborn. Besieged by visions and debilitated whenever he uses the One Power, Rand chooses to attack the Seanchan with Callandor. The sword consumes him with berserker rage, felling ally and enemy alike. And when he regains his senses, Rand finds himself less trusted by those who were once the most loyal.

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