Tell Me audiobook – Inland Empire, Book 2

Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of Anne Frasier’s Tell Me. Follow detectives Reni and Daniel, brought to life by Erin Bennett’s compelling narration, as they unravel a chilling mystery involving missing hikers, a haunting video, and dark secrets from their past. Dive into this gripping tale now on

As I settled onto my balcony, the early morning breeze tousling my hair, I pressed play on Tell Me by Anne Frasier. The familiar voice of Erin Bennett began to weave the intricate tapestry of Reni and Daniel’s investigation, and I was instantly transported.

Anne Frasier’s characters are not mere fictional creations; they possess depth and complexity that resonates deeply. Their shared past, riddled with trauma and unresolved feelings, paints a poignant backdrop to the thrilling mystery that unfolds. The setting – a dense forest and the mystery of the missing hikers – added an atmospheric tension that had me gripping my cup tighter than necessary.

The sudden emergence of a video online added a layer of contemporary relevance, making me ponder the implications of technology in today’s world. The story masterfully combined the lure of technology with the age-old human emotions of guilt, love, and redemption.

Erin Bennett’s narration is impeccable. Her pacing and modulation captured the escalating tension, making me feel as if I was right beside Reni and Daniel, racing against time. There’s a kind of intimacy in the way she navigated the emotional undercurrents, especially when dealing with the protagonists’ shared past and the looming threat to their future.

In Tell Me, Anne Frasier has penned a suspenseful tale that not only intrigues but also prods at the psyche. It’s a brilliant reminder that sometimes, the secrets we uncover can be more daunting than the unknown. And as the final chapter came to an end, I was left with a deep sense of satisfaction, marvelling at the complexity of human emotions and the lengths we go to protect our loved ones.

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