The Eye of the World Audiobook – TWOT Book 1

TWOT Book 1 – The Eye of the World Audiobook mp3 unabridged is a high fantasy novel by American writer Robert Jordan, the first book of The Wheel of Time (TWOT) series. This book made its records and got so much famous in its first release. Due to its fantasy and Jordan’s beautiful word choice mesmerize all the readers, and they lost in it.

In the era when writers preferred to write about magic and topics like that, Jordan came forward and took a lead to write such a complex and diverse adventure. From the first chapter till the end, the listeners captured within the frame of the audio and can’t be able to leave it without listening till the last chapter.

It’s now available in audible format, mp3 is about 29 hrs and 57 mins long, and the narration by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer is so appealing that you’re attracted immediately and will keep you hooked for the entire time listening!

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In the village of Emond’s Field in the Two Rivers region of Andor, people are preparing to celebrate the spring holiday of Bel Tine. They are attacked by half-human half-animal monsters, Trollocs. The creatures are servants of the Dark One, an evil force hunting those who can oppose it. The Trollocs target three young male friends of a similar age, Rand al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, and Mat Cauthon. One of the friends is the Dragon Reborn, the man who defeated the Dark One thousands of years ago.

The Trollocs are not the only ones searching for the Dragon. A group of women who can perform magic, the Aes Sedai, have dedicated their lives to fighting the Dark One. One of them, Moiraine, and her bonded guard, Lan, have come to Emond’s Field to find the prophesied savior and bring him to the Aes Sedai stronghold, the White Tower. However, Moiraine cannot tell for certain which of the three young men is the Dragon Reborn, so she convinces all three to come along with her.

While making their escape from the village to prevent further Trolloc attacks, a local young woman and Rand’s love interest, Egwene al’Vere, joins the group, as well as a travelling performer, Thom Merrilin. Nynaeve al’Mere, the village Wisdom, or wise woman, later overtakes the group. She believes her duty is to bring the young villagers back safely. Both Egwene and Nynaeve are able to perform magic; they decide to go to Tar Valon to study and become Aes Sedai.

On the way to Tar Valon, the travelers are constantly pursued by the Dark One’s servants and eventually become separated while trying to hide in the ruins of the cursed city of Shadar Logoth. Rand, Mat, and Thom escape on a boat; Perrin and Egwene strike out through the wilderness hoping to reach the country’s capital; and Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Lan continue on their original route.

After facing multiple dangers on their own, all members of the group reunite in Caemlyn, Andor’s capital. Before they can reach their final destination of Tar Valon, Moiraine is made aware of a prophetic warning about the Dark One’s plans to destroy time itself. With the help of Loial, an ogier, a large, long-lived being in tune with nature, the group makes its way north to the Borderlands. The Dark One is imprisoned in the area known as the Blight in the far north. That is also where Trollocs and other foul creatures are made and reside. The group needs to enter this area to reach a mythical place, the Eye of the World, where a pool made of pure magic safeguards one of the Dark One’s prison seals, the Dragon’s banner, the Horn of Valere, which will help humans win the Last Battle.

While at the sanctuary, two of the Dark One’s human servants attack the group. One is defeated by the Green Man, the place’s mythical guardian, while Rand fights with and kills the second. Rand is transported to a place outside of reality, where he confronts and defeats Ba’alzamon, the Dark One. During these battles, he becomes aware of his ability to channel magic, revealing him as the Dragon Reborn. Since the Dark One polluted the male source of magic thousands of years ago, it now brings madness and death to everyone who uses it. Rand plans to go away somewhere far where he cannot hurt those around him.

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  • Happy Monkey

    The friendship of three friends in The Eye of the World Audiobook was beautifully defined by the author, and the whole story revolves around those friends who showed continuous support to the hero Rand with other characters and the way they fought with the black powers was remarkable. The fantasy created by the author in every scene is really beautiful.
    Amazing narration. I love that Michael Kramer reads all the chapters from the male point of view and Kate Reading read all chapters from the female point of view.

    September 18, 2022

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