The Great Hunt Audiobook – TWOT Book 2

TWOT Book 2 – The Great Hunt Audiobook mp3 unabridged is a high fantasy novel by American writer Robert Jordan, the second book of The Wheel of Time (TWOT) series. In this audiobook, Rand al’Thor and his companions set out to retrieve a powerful magical artifact from The Dark One’s Shadowspawn.

It consists of a prologue and fifty chapters and is now available in audible format, mp3 is about 26 hrs and 34 mins long, and the narration by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer is so appealing that you’re attracted immediately. It will keep you hooked for the entire time listening!

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Our protagonists are at Fal Dara after the events of the last audiobook, The Eye of the World, deciding what to do next. The Amyrin Seat, Siuan Sanche, visits and meets with Rand al’Thor, and Mat’s condition worsens because of the cursed dagger that he has become attached to. An attack by the Darkforces frees Darkfriend Padan Fain and he steals the Horn of Valore and the cursed dagger.

Rand, Mat, and Perrin, along with a group pursue Padan Fain in order to retrieve the stolen goods. Without the horn, Mat’s health slowly starts to deteriorate and he will die if the dagger is not back in his possession. Egwene and Nynaeve go to the Tar Valon to receive training to become Aes Sedia.

An unusual event separates Rand from the group and he travels with two companions to retrieve the dagger. He gets dragged into politics and is exposed to the one power and his destiny as the Dragon Reborn. The Dark One has put his plan into motion and will do anything to destroy Rand and his friends. Can Rand and his friends retrieve the Horn of Valore before Padan Fain uses it and save Mat before it is too late?

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  • Happy Monkey

    How anyone can create such an immense intricate world filled with such deep, diverse characters is just mind-blowing. I’ve listened to the first two books in this series and can’t wait for the rest. I was happy to find that The Great Hunt Audiobook started right where the first left off with all the same characters to whom I had grown attached in The Eye of the World.

    September 27, 2022

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