Marathon audiobook – Jonathan Stride, Book 8

Embark on an intense journey with Arimnestos in the Marathon audiobook, a masterful creation by Brian Freeman and brought to life by the voice of Joe Barrett. Dive into a tale where personal vendettas, ancient heroism, and internal struggles collide, offering listeners a thrilling experience that goes beyond the battlegrounds. Witness the transformation of a boy into a legend and the price he pays along the way. Dive into this mesmerizing tale on

Nestled in the corner of my favorite downtown cafe, with the soft glow of the overhead lights and the comforting hum of muted conversations around me, I plunged into the gripping world of Marathon audiobook. Narrated by the incredibly talented Joe Barrett and penned by Brian Freeman, it was an immersion into a realm where honor, revenge, and personal evolution tangle in a dance that keeps the listener riveted.

The story continues the journey of Arimnestos, a character I was already familiar with from Killer of Men. But this wasn’t the boy who once aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Bronzesmith. This was a transformed Arimnestos – a man who had tasted the intoxicating blend of fear and respect from others, a gladiator hailed as a demi-god yet chained by his past and the memories of his lost family.

Marathon dives deep into the psyche of a man who, while battling others, is also constantly in combat with himself. The juxtaposition of Arimnestos’ internal battles with the physical warfare he faces on the marathon and battlefield paints a vivid picture of ancient heroism and personal conflicts.

Freeman’s storytelling is exquisite, unfolding layers of the protagonist’s character, intertwining personal vendettas with overarching wars. Joe Barrett’s narration breathed life into the narrative, delivering each emotion, be it the rush of the battleground or the internal turmoil of Arimnestos, with impeccable clarity.

In sum, Marathon isn’t just about the battles fought on sandy arenas or sprawling battlefields; it’s also about the wars waged within, the struggle between becoming a legend and retaining one’s humanity. For anyone craving a deep, thought-provoking thriller with a historical touch, this audiobook is a journey worth taking.

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