Vigilance audiobook by Andrew K. Diemer

Dive into a world of battles, threats, and survival with Vigilance by Andrew K. Diemer. Narrated by Cary Hite, journey alongside Connor as he navigates challenges on a newly inhabited planet, armed with alien technology and grappling with discoveries of a past alien civilization. Explore a tale where history meets speculative fiction, and humanity’s resilience shines through. Available for listening on

Sitting on my cozy balcony on a cool morning, I was eager to dive into another realm with Vigilance by Andrew K. Diemer, narrated by Cary Hite. Being a history enthusiast, books that mesh the past with imagined futures always captivate me.

Vigilance is not just a tale of war; it’s about the persisting cloud of a threat that weighs heavily on a species striving against extinction. Throughout the audiobook, I could palpably feel the fragility of hope and the resurgence of determination in the face of adversity. As a 30-year-old woman, I was moved by the story’s emphasis on resilience and the lengths one would go to ensure the survival of their kind.

Connor’s character is brilliantly fleshed out. He’s not just a beacon of hope but also a symbol of human ingenuity, showcasing the depths of our survival instincts. Using alien technology in the bid to save humanity on a new planet presents both challenges and opportunities. I found myself pondering on what choices I’d make if I were in Connor’s shoes. The discovery of a past alien civilization on the planet and the potential alliance offers a tantalizing twist to the narrative.

Cary Hite’s narration is simply immersive. His modulation and pacing infused life into Diemer’s narrative, making it an engaging experience. The blend of history, speculative fiction, and raw human emotions left me pondering our own world’s historical struggles and our innate drive for survival.

To sum it up, Vigilance is a deep dive into humanity’s core strength, the will to survive against all odds, and the challenges posed by uncharted terrains and technologies. It is a must-listen for history aficionados looking for a sprinkle of science fiction.

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