Open Season audiobook – Joe Pickett, Book 1

Discover the gripping world of Open Season audiobook by C. J. Box. Follow game warden Joe Pickett as he unravels a mysterious murder in the Wyoming wilderness. With C. J. Box’s signature suspense and a captivating protagonist, this crime fiction novel will keep you hooked. Narrated by David Chandler, this audiobook is a thrilling ride from start to finish. Get your free download now on Don’t miss out on this must-read mystery!

On a sunny afternoon, while driving through the countryside, I immersed myself in the thrilling world of Open Season audiobook by C. J. Box. As a lover of mystery and suspense, this audiobook had all the elements to keep me on the edge of my seat.

The story follows Joe Pickett, a newly appointed game warden in Wyoming, where hunting is a way of life. Joe is a man of integrity, refusing to take bribes or turn a blind eye to wrongdoing. When he stumbles upon the dead body of a local hunting outfitter, he becomes personally invested in solving the case.

C. J. Box weaves a complex web of intrigue and suspense, keeping the reader guessing until the very end. While the story itself may not be the most engaging, the character of Joe Pickett shines through. His unwavering dedication and determination to seek the truth are inspiring.

However, I found the narration by David Chandler to be a bit lacking. His voice lacked a regional accent and he struggled to produce distinct voices for the different characters. This made it difficult to fully immerse myself in the story and follow along.

Overall, Open Season is a solid start to the Joe Pickett series. If you’re looking for a captivating mystery with a strong protagonist, this audiobook is worth a listen.

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