Vagabond audiobook – The Grail Quest, Book 2

Embark on an enthralling journey with Thomas in Vagabond as he pursues the Holy Grail, armed with clues from his past and faced with harrowing adversities. Bernard Cornwell weaves a tale of passion, belief, and perseverance, brought to life by Andrew Cullum’s powerful narration. Dive deep into this saga, available for listening on

Amidst the soft glow of my living room lamp on a cozy evening, I ventured into the world of Vagabond through its audiobook rendition. The familiar murmur of city sounds outside, contrasting with the serene ambiance of my apartment, seemed apt as I was transported into Thomas’s turbulent quest.

The sequel to Bernard Cornwell’s first installment does not disappoint. Thomas’s character evolves further from the man searching for his father’s murderer to a committed seeker of the Holy Grail. Cornwell masterfully intertwines the passionate pursuit of personal vengeance with the grandeur of an epic quest. The profound dedication, not only of Thomas but of all, to find the Holy Grail, despite the absence of any substantial proof of its existence, is portrayed with a nuance that is hard to come by.

Thomas’s conviction is strengthened by the maps and clues left behind by his father. Yet, what particularly stands out is the torment Thomas undergoes at the hands of the Dominicans. These harrowing sequences are narrated with such fervor by Andrew Cullum that it’s almost palpable, the pain and the unyielding spirit of Thomas. Cullum’s voice, rich with gravitas, transports the listener right into the heart of the story, making one live every twist and turn.

Vagabond is not just about war and vengeance. It is about belief, perseverance, and the lengths to which one’s convictions can take them. The audiobook rendition, with Cullum’s captivating narration, truly does justice to Cornwell’s intricate tale.

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