The Turquoise Lament audiobook – Travis McGee, Book 15

Immerse yourself in the gripping mystery and suspense of The Turquoise Lament audiobook by John D. MacDonald. This chapter 15 in the Travis McGee novel series is expertly written, showcasing MacDonald’s talent for crafting intense suspense and unforgettable characters. With the exceptional narration by Robert Petkoff, this thrilling mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore the Travis McGee series and experience the captivating world of crime, mystery, and suspense. Listen and download for free on

In the tranquil setting of a sunny afternoon, lounging in my backyard hammock with a refreshing glass of lemonade, I immersed myself in the captivating world of The Turquoise Lament audiobook by John D. MacDonald. As a lover of mystery and suspense, I was eager to delve into this thrilling installment of the Travis McGee novel series, and it did not disappoint.

From the very beginning, MacDonald’s exceptional writing drew me in. The Turquoise Lament is just one gem in his vast collection of mystery thrillers, with other notable novels such as Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By also worth exploring. These gripping tales from the Travis McGee crime mystery thriller series showcase MacDonald’s ability to craft intense suspense and unforgettable characters.

Narrated by Robert Petkoff, the audio version of The Turquoise Lament was a perfect match. Petkoff’s consistent performance throughout the series made him an ideal choice for bringing these stories to life. His voice captured the essence of each character and kept me engaged from start to finish.

The story follows Linda Lewellen as she seeks help from Travis McGee, her childhood idol, after suspecting her ex-husband Howie may be trying to harm her. As Travis investigates, he initially gives Linda reassurance but soon finds himself questioning his own judgment when they embark on a romantic getaway. The suspense builds as Travis races against time to protect Linda before it’s too late.

While The Turquoise Lament stands well on its own as a good read, within the context of the series, it falls short compared to its predecessors. If recommending a Travis McGee novel to someone new to the series, I would suggest starting with another installment for a more impactful introduction.

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