Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Audiobook – Jim Dale

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince is the sixth book in the Harry Potter Audiobook series by J.K. Rowling. It’s currently available in audible format, mp3 is about 18 hrs and 32 mins long, and the narration by Jim Dale is so appealing that you’re attracted immediately and will keep you hooked for the entire time listening!

Release date: 11-20-15
Language: English

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In this audiobook, Harry Potter learns a lot about Lord Voldemort’s past, and Harry Potter prepares for the final battle against his nemesis with the help of Headmaster Dumbledore. But in that time, Voldemort returns to power, and makes a plan to destroy Harry. So, Harry Potter tries to destroy Voldemort first, but for that, Harry must collect all parts of his soul. Voldemort had split his soul into pieces, so that he would never be totally destroyed, and now Harry has to destroy all the pieces, so Harry sets out with Dumbledore to find the Horcruxes.

At a memorable moment, near the beginning, Hermione gets very angry at Harry because he starts doing very well in the potions class. Harry starts doing so well after he finds the “Advanced Potion-Making” book that is filled with quicker ways to make potions. It was personally improved by Professor Snape, and then nicknamed the “Half-Blood Prince”.

This novel can definitely petrify you as well, like in one part, Harry and Dumbledore go out to find the 1st Horcrux, where Dumbledore is forced to drink the Drink of Despair, which is a mysterious potion that makes a wizard very vulnerable and weak. So, this potion is meant to protect something significant.

With Harry constantly chasing after Horcruxes, this book keeps a good pace, so I’m going to go with 3/5 stars for Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince.

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