Space Team audiobook – Space Team Saga, Book 12

Dive into the thrilling world of Space Team by Barry J. Hutchison. Narrated by Phil Thron, follow Cal’s unexpected journey from Earth’s prison to the vastness of space. A tale of resilience, teamwork, and surprising joy. Listen and download for free at

Tucked away in a cozy corner of a quiet café, with the ambient light casting a gentle glow on my table, I pressed play on my headphones and embarked on the audio journey of Space Team by Barry J. Hutchison, narrated with zest by Phil Thron.

From the outset, the story of Cal caught me off-guard. Having faced similar life challenges, though certainly not as dire, I felt an immediate connection to Cal. As he grappled with the unimaginable shock of being incarcerated with a ruthless serial killer, a sudden revelation added to his woes – the decimation of half the human race. My heart raced, and I could feel the weight of the despair that he must have felt, his hopes for the future dwindling to nothing.

Just as I sipped my comforting hot cocoa, the plot whisked Cal away to a realm beyond human comprehension. Alien abductions aren’t a part of my daily life, but who hasn’t felt, at some point, completely out of their element or thrust into situations they weren’t prepared for? I know I have. Cal’s sudden transition from an Earthly prisoner to an integral member of an intergalactic team was both harrowing and thrilling.

Hutchison’s storytelling prowess shined brilliantly, blending the perfect mix of suspense and humor. Phil Thron’s narration added layers of authenticity, making me chuckle at times and grip the edge of my table at others.

As the evening turned chilly, I imagined sitting on a balcony during a crisp morning, further diving into Cal’s adventures. The subsequent tales Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle and Space Team: The Search for Splurt are on my list, and I’m eager to see how Cal embraces his new reality, finding joy amid chaos.

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