The Lost Journals audiobook – Zombie Fallout, Book 17

Discover the terrifying world of The Lost Journals audiobook by Mark Tufo. Immerse yourself in this gripping horror fiction novel that takes place 36 years after a devastating zombie apocalypse wiped out most of humanity. Follow Wilkes as she uncovers a backpack filled with journals that hold secrets that will change her life forever. With Mark Tufo’s captivating storytelling and Sean Runnette’s exceptional narration, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of the Zombie Fallout series. Get ready to be captivated by the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world. Listen and download for free on

In the quiet solitude of my bedroom, late at night, I found myself completely engrossed in The Lost Journals audiobook by Mark Tufo. As a lover of horror fiction and a fan of the Zombie Fallout series, I was excited to dive into this 17th chapter and see where the story would take me.

The narrative follows Wilkes, a young woman struggling to survive in the aftermath of a devastating zombie apocalypse. Alone and desperate for answers, she stumbles upon a backpack filled with journals written by a man she will never meet. These yellowed pages become her lifeline as she delves into the horrors of humanity’s downfall.

Mark Tufo’s storytelling is gripping and intense, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire audiobook. His vivid descriptions and attention to detail paint a haunting picture of a world gone mad. The way he weaves together suspense, action, and emotion is masterful.

Sean Runnette’s narration adds another layer of depth to the story. His voice brings each character to life, capturing their fear, determination, and resilience. Listening to his passionate delivery made me feel like I was right there with Wilkes, experiencing every heart-pounding moment.

As a dedicated fan of the Zombie Fallout series, I highly recommend The Lost Journals audiobook. It offers an intriguing glimpse into the lives of characters we’ve come to love and adds new dimensions to an already captivating world. Whether you’re new to Mark Tufo’s work or a longtime fan like myself, this book is sure to satisfy your craving for thrilling zombie apocalypse stories.

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