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Dive into the mesmerizing realm of Perfect State audiobook, a creation of the brilliant Brandon Sanderson. With Christian Rummel’s exquisite narration, witness the world of Kairominas, where power meets vulnerability in an unexpected twist of fate. Engross yourself in this intriguing tale of science fiction & fantasy. For a memorable journey, listen and download at

There’s something utterly magical about finding that cozy spot at the park, donning a pair of headphones, and letting an audiobook wash over you. One sunny afternoon, with a gentle breeze ruffling the pages of my notebook, I found myself drawn into the world of Perfect State by Brandon Sanderson, brilliantly brought to life by Christian Rummel.

Immediately, I recognized the deviation Sanderson took in crafting his characters. Known for protagonists that rise from humble beginnings, Perfect State offers Kairominas – a figure of immense power and prestige. This created a different level of intrigue. As someone in her thirties, often navigating the complexities of power dynamics in professional and personal life, I felt an instant connection to Kairominas.

But then came the twist. A date. And not just any date. A rendezvous with an equal. It was here, with a soft giggle escaping my lips, that I truly appreciated the genius of Sanderson’s narrative. Amidst the backdrop of bustling life, I imagined two formidable characters, masters in their respective domains, fumbling through the universally awkward dance of first-date dynamics.

Christian Rummel’s narration brilliantly encapsulated the irony and the nuances. Each hesitation, every stolen glance, and the underlying currents of emotions were palpable, making my own heart race in anticipation. The contrasting strength and vulnerabilities of these characters were endearing.

Perfect State isn’t just about two god-like entities trying to navigate personal connections. It’s a mirror reflecting our own struggles in finding balance and connection in a world where we often wear masks of strength. As I packed up, heading home with the setting sun, I was left with introspective thoughts, pondering over my own ‘perfect state’ and what it truly means to connect.

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