Rogue Knight audiobook – Five Kingdoms, Book 2

Dive deep into the mystical realm of The Outskirts with Rogue Knight audiobook, the enchanting continuation of Brandon Mull’s Five Kingdoms series. Keith Nobbs masterfully narrates the adventures of Cole Randolph and his friends in their quest through Elloweer. A blend of captivating storytelling and exemplary narration awaits listeners, available now on

With a warm cup of cocoa in hand, nestled in my favorite reading nook by the window, the soft pitter-patter of raindrops providing a gentle backdrop, I embarked on yet another magical journey through Brandon Mull’s Rogue Knight. Narrated with sheer perfection by Keith Nobbs, the immersive world of the Five Kingdoms unraveled before my ears, making me feel like a child lost in a land of wonder and imagination.

Cole Randolph’s quest to save his friends in the enigmatic realm of The Outskirts continued to grip me, the line between reality and fantasy blurring with each chapter. Mull’s knack for crafting an intricate and mesmerizing universe was palpable, and the tale of Elloweer—another one of the Five Kingdoms—felt like a fantastical tapestry rich in color and texture.

What truly elevated the experience was Keith Nobbs’ narration. He breathed life into each character, from the steadfast and resilient Cole to the new friends like Mira, Jace, and Twitch. The myriad of emotions—hope, trepidation, determination—resonated through his voice, drawing me deeper into the story.

As Cole and Mira navigate the challenges of The Outskirts, their encounters with familiar faces and the unveiling of new magical elements kept me at the edge of my seat. Mull’s storytelling genius coupled with Nobbs’ impeccable narration makes Rogue Knight an audiobook that enchants and captivates, reminding listeners of the ageless allure of magical tales.

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