The Demigod Files Audiobook

The Demigod Files is a companion audiobook to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, featuring a collection of short stories and bonus materials. Fans of the series will get to dive deeper into the world of demigods, with new adventures and insights into their favorite characters.

Narrated by Jesse Bernstein, the audiobook has a length of 3 hours and 26 minutes and falls under the young adult fantasy genre.

You can listen and download the audiobook for free on Don’t miss the chance to dive deeper into the world of demigods with this exciting companion book.

The book contains three brand-new short stories that take place in the world of Percy Jackson, including Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot, Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon, and Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades. Additionally, readers will get to explore exclusive bonus content, such as character interviews, a guide to Greek gods and monsters, and even a sneak peek of the first chapter of The Last Olympian.

The Demigod Files is the perfect addition to any “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” fan’s collection, providing hours of entertainment and behind-the-scenes insights into the beloved series.

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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • 1.Intro
  • 2.Letter from Camp Half-Blood
  • 3.Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot
  • 4.Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon
  • 5.Interview with Connor and Travis Stoll Sons of Hermes
  • 6.Interview with Clarisse Daughter of Ares
  • 7.Characters snapshot
  • 8.Interview with Annabeth Chase Daughter of Athena
  • 9.Interview with Grover Underwood Satyr
  • 10.Interview with Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon
  • 11.Anabeth Chases camp trunk
  • 12.Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades
  • 13.Ending

Customer Reviews

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  • Happy Monkey

    As a listener of The Demigod Files audiobook free, I enjoyed diving deeper into the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians with these exciting and fun short stories. Jesse Bernstein’s narration once again brought the characters to life, and I appreciated the bonus content and insights into the series.

    The three short stories were all unique and enjoyable, providing additional adventures with beloved characters and expanding the world of the series. I particularly enjoyed Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades, which provided an intriguing and emotional look into the afterlife of the series.

    The bonus content was also a nice addition, providing behind-the-scenes insights into the creation of the series and offering a deeper look into the Greek gods and monsters that populate the world of Percy Jackson. Overall, The Demigod Files is a great companion book for fans of the series that offers hours of entertainment and new insights into the world of demigods.

    February 21, 2023

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