Blood Eye audiobook – Raven (Kristian), Book 1

Embark on an epic journey through ninth century England with Blood Eye audiobook by Giles Kristian. Narrated by Simon Prebble, this historical fiction masterpiece introduces Jarl and his trusted companion as they seek wealth amidst tales of bravery. Joining them is Osric, an orphan searching for a family to call his own. Brace yourself for a story filled with intricate relationships and unexpected twists of fate. Fall in love with this captivating tale – listen and download for free on A historical fiction adventure you won’t want to miss!

As the sun sets on a tranquil evening, I find myself transported back in time to ninth century England, immersed in the captivating world of Blood Eye audiobook by Giles Kristian. This historical fiction tale, narrated by the talented Simon Prebble, takes me on a journey filled with bravery, wealth, and the search for family.

Kristian’s storytelling prowess shines through as he weaves a tale centered around Jarl and his loyal companion, two veterans seeking not fame but fortune. Their adventures are driven by their desire for a peaceful life, one that can only be achieved with ample wealth. Enter Osric, an orphan yearning for a family to call his own. When fate brings these three characters together, Osric sees in them the family he has always longed for.

Winter’s Fire and Wings of the Storm laid the foundation for complex relationships and unexpected twists of fate. In Blood Eye, listeners must stay fully engaged to unravel the intricate scenes and understand the characters’ unique personalities. The common thread binding these three individuals is love – a force that transcends time and circumstances.

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