The Demon Next Door audiobook by Bryan Burrough

Dive into the chilling depths of a Texas town’s dark secrets with Bryan Burrough’s The Demon Next Door. Narrated by Steve White, uncover the harrowing tale of unchecked evil and systemic failings that nurtured it. A haunting memoir that challenges perceptions and unveils the horrors hidden in plain sight. Get engrossed in this compelling narrative, available now on

Sitting on a train, with the hum of the wheels and the fleeting landscapes outside, I was transported into a chilling tale far from the comfort of my headphones. Bryan Burrough’s The Demon Next Door audibly whispered by Steve White, was gripping from the very start.

Diving deep into the dark recesses of a Texas town, Burrough unveils a harrowing account of unchecked evil that once lurked within its confines. What made the story resonate so profoundly with me, a 30-year-old woman familiar with tales of crime, was its direct connection to Burrough himself, painting a haunting picture of how unexpected horrors can sprout in the most familiar settings. To think that a classmate, someone you see every day, could harbor such darkness is unimaginably terrifying.

The detailed exploration of how society, the church, politics, and even law enforcement could turn a blind eye to such heinous crimes is a stark commentary on the challenges of the era. The story doesn’t just stop at recounting events but delves deeper into the systemic failings that allowed a serial offender to continue his dark pursuits.

Steve White’s narration is a tour de force, adding layers of tension and suspense. His voice, calm yet filled with understated dread, sets the mood perfectly. As the train continued its journey, I felt a chill down my spine, looking around at the sea of unfamiliar faces, wondering about the stories they might hide.

Bryan Burrough, with his poignant penmanship seen in Barbarians at the Gate and The Big Rich, brings forth another must-listen that serves as a reflection on society’s often blindsided view on evil. It’s a stark reminder that sometimes, monsters are not lurking in the shadows but are right next door.

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