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Morality Audiobook Free read by Mare Winningham

Stephen King - Morality Audiobook Free Download
Stephen King – Morality Audiobook Free Download

Another novella written by the great Stephen King, Morality Audiobook Free, was first published in 2009 in the July issue of the popular men’s magazine “Esquire”.

Later it was included as a bonus at the end of the famous novella “Blockade Billy” also written by Stephen King.

This story follows a slightly different path than King’s usual works as it contains the genres of psychological thriller and crime fiction.

In November 2015, Morality was introduced a third time in the anthology, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

Morality is an extremely short story of only 12 pages, however, it reaches the audience very deeply as a story about the sensitive morality slipping away from humans as a result of financial difficulties.

The Author – Stephen King

After the release of its last publication in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Stephen King stated in an interview that this certain novella was really close to his heart because it was based on some personal stories of his younger life.

He further added that he dealt with issues of moral philosophy when he was a student and used to attempt minor robberies and write other students’ academic works in exchange for money.

Plot Summary

The two main characters, Chad and Nora Callahan, are suffering from financial difficulties because of unemployment and jobs that give low payments. They get annoyed and worried because of the large number of monthly bills and other expenses they keep on getting but they remain confident about their future.

One of the main characters, Chad, thinks about writing a book to supplement their income based on his experiences as a substitute teacher. Meanwhile, Nora who is a nurse works all day for a retired man named George Winston who is paralyzed and stays in a wheelchair due to a stroke.

Nora always gets bored because her time with him is not existing nor interesting but one day Winston gives her a solution to her financial problems. He tells her that he lived his life to the fullest without any type of sin and wants to seek one sin before he dies.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for him to leave the house due to his current condition and because of that, he cannot commit any sin. Winston says that he wants to commit a sin by imagination through Nora’s actions and successfully double his sin ratio. He tells her that if she helps him in this task, he will reward her $200,000.

Morality Audiobook Streaming Online
Morality Audiobook Streaming Online

After Winston reveals the sin he would like to commit, Nora starts thinking that he might have some mental problems. After talking to Chad about the sin and the pros and cons it involves and saying that this money they get, they would be able to pay off their debts and move on to what they have planned in the future. After a few hours of discussing the payment, Nora agrees to help Winston. After finishing the task with chad, Nora goes back to Winston with a video of them punching a little child in the face in the park and the punch leads to the little kid suffering from a nosebleed.

After being satisfied, he pays Nora her reward as promised. He supposes that Nora would not work for him after what she has seen on his face and what he does. Nora found the whole act vile and wondered why Winston wanted to commit this type of sin. After some time, Nora gets the new that Winston has committed suicide. She wonders whether the videotape will be discovered or not. Stephen King – Morality Audiobook Mp3.

As some time passes, Nora and Chad are disgusted by the act they have done for that man. They get afraid that what if the act they committed would be discovered. Chad starts drinking while Nora has affairs and gains a tendency for masochistic.

They get divorced eventually. The reason for the divorce is that Chad gives the book the blame for the quality and Nora doesn’t have faith in his writings skills. After the divorce, Nora works happily as a nurse in a hospital. She goes to an old book store and finds a book with the title the Basis of Morality which she had seen in Winston’s old bookstore. After reading it Nora realizes that she already knew everything that was written in the book.

Editorial Reviews

Morality Audiobook Online Streaming received a Shirley Jackson Award in 2009 for Best Novelette and has had pretty mixed reviews.

Although most readers enjoy the plot, they do believe that the story is too short and should have been extended to a whole novel or at least to more than twelve pages.

Listeners of the Morality Audiobook Download, read by Mare Winningham have said that her voice is very satisfying and adds up perfectly to the horror novel.

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