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Duma Key Audiobook Free

Stephen King - Duma Key Audiobook Download Free
Stephen King – Duma Key Audiobook Download Free


Upon hearing the very name of Stephen King, you imagine all the horrors and scares that wait for you to be told in his captivating storytelling style. The stand-alone novel by King has proved to be the comeback of his remarkable horror stories. His last novel, The Cell Audiobook did not seem to gather as much love, and indulgence as King’s novels usually do.

Duma Key Audiobook explores the misfortunes of a man named Edgar. He suffers from a broken marriage and several injuries when he sets off for Duma Key. The island has its own secrets that are revealed gradually while introducing all the horrors in a subtle way.

The lengthy novel can be enjoyed in the Duma Key Audiobook Free Download by Stephen King (read by John Slattery). Listening to such an audiobook ensures indulgence.


Duma Key Audiobook Mp3 has been well received by the listeners. Many reviews have shown that John Slattery’s voice is loved by so many. People have also said on his subtleness of shifting characters. Slattery slips into one character to another in a way that it isn’t forced. His narration has definitely filled listeners with praise for him.

Reviews suggest that Slattery’s narration is one of the reasons to get them hooked on the book. The harsh and unconventional language used throughout the novel has also been handled well by the narrator.

Check out for yourself on this great audiobook of Stephen King.

About the narrator

John Slattery, born on 13th August 1962, is the American actor we all know from Mad Men and Iron Man. He played Howard Stark’s cameo in the movie. Along with that, he is also a director. His acting career includes works like Spotlight, Iron Man 2 and God’s Pockets.

He has also done other narrations as well, such as A Farewell to Arms, Step on a Crack, Lafayette in the somewhat United States and Falling Man. He has received awards for acting. His narrations have always been well received by the critics.

Duma Key Audiobook Download has earned him great reviews.

About the author

The author of Duma Key is Stephen King. Renowned for his horror and science fiction, King has published 58 novels. King has made quite a name in the world of horror and supernatural genre. He is also famous for contributions to the genre of modern short stories.

Many of his novels have been adapted into movies and television series like The Shining, Carrie and Under the Dome. The hit horror movie IT was also based on his novel. All this recognition has earned him the title of “Master of Horror.”

He is most famous for indulging the readers in his stories, while he has been criticized for his choice of language sometimes and lack of characterization. Some of his works have even been called mediocre, but Duma Key is one such story with coherence.

We also see work on character building in the novels like The Shining Audiobook and Duma Key Audiobook. He also makes use of psychological aspects while creating a supernatural or horror tone in his novels.

Download and Listen Free!

The audiobook of Duma Key by John Slattery has gained a lot of attention.  People have loved how the voice of Slattery has done justice to the tone of the novel. Audiobooks generally are much more engaging than reading!

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