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The unpause-able novel of one man’s quest to find the source of his nightmare and to reverse it before he becomes…nothing at all. This number-one national bestseller from Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, “pulsates with evil…it will have you on the edge of your seat” (Publishers Weekly).

Stephen King - Thinner Audiobook Free Download
Stephen King – Thinner Audiobook Free Download


Thinner Audiobook Mp3 is a 1984 novel by Stephen King, published under his pseudonym Richard Bachman.

It was the last novel King released under the Richard Bachman pseudonym until the release of The Regulators in 1996, and the last released prior to Bachman being outed as being Stephen King’s pseudonym.

Thinner Audiobook is partly based on an episode in Stephen King’s own life. He weighed 236 pounds (107 kg) and was warned by his doctor that he needed to lose weight and stop smoking. Although he did in fact lose the weight, he was angered by the fact that the decision to lose weight was not really his own, but, he felt, had been forced on him by his doctor. He began to contemplate what would happen if someone were to lose weight and then be unable to stop losing weight – and the idea for Thinner began to germinate in his mind.


Billy Halleck commits vehicular manslaughter when his lack of attention results in the death of an old gypsy lady on the street. Overweight Halleck is a lawyer with connections, though, and he gets off with a slap on the wrist.

After the trial, the victim’s ancient father curses him with a single word: “thinner”. Shedding weight by the week, Halleck is desperate enough for one last gamble…one that will lead him to a nightmare showdown with the forces of evil melting his flesh away.

With an introduction by Stephen King on “The Importance of Being Bachman”, Thinner is a audiobook of “undeniable suspense”.


There is a certain directness, a freight train coming down the quality of the track about Stephen King’s early Richard Bachman audiobooks that I very much enjoy. King writes an unrelenting cause and effect that is terrifying because it does not jump out and yell BOO! but rather walks quietly up to you with a mask on and a butcher knife, like John Carpenter’s Michael Myers, a slow-motion dreamscape of fear.

Stephen King Thinner Audio shares these qualities with other of King / Bachman books like The Running Man and The Long Walk. From the opening pages, we know what the central focus is and King never lets us go, we’ve been strapped into the carnival ride, and we’re off. Like the best roller coasters, we can see the drops and curves ahead, and we’re just clink-clinking and moving towards the fun.

King also populates this book with some of his best characters, Richard Ginelli and Taduz and Gina Lemke breathe fresh and vibrant life into this already good story.

Relentless, spooky and fun, like a roller coaster – or a freight train coming down the tracks that you’re stuck on.

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Stephen King – Thinner is now available in audible format, almost 10 hrs and 7 mins long, the narration by Joe Mantegna is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

By: Stephen King
Narrated by: Joe Mantegna
Length: 10 hrs and 7 mins

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