The Shining Audiobook By Stephen King


The Shining Audiobook Free Streaming Online

The Shining Audiobook Free Download by Stephen King
The Shining Audiobook Free Download by Stephen King

Jack Torrance joins Overlook Hotel, which is an opportunity for him to explore more of the world. Besides the stability and security of the job, the new job offers him a chance to reconnect with the family as well as enhance his writing skills. However, the temperatures in the working area are not as favorable as Jack expected. Danny Torrance is the only one that can save the situation by identifying the strange and negative forces.

The shining audiobook is an incredible story, no doubt; it is a mix of horror and action tales that begin on a light note. The multiple suspense scenes make the book more interesting.

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Audiobook Review

The author chooses a special place as a setting for a new life for Jack Torrance. It is renowned to be a place for the wealthy. It has been a lively place from the early days since the Colorado Mountains were discovered. However, winter is harsh in the region; it is never a good decision to visit the Overlook Hotel during this time. The place requires a committed and experienced caretaker to monitor and maintain the system.  As mentioned, winter can be extremely harsh thus easily destroy the castle.

Jack and his family are responsible for all kind of maintenance practices of the castle for the next 12 months. It is not an easy task for him and the family considering he is new in the environment. But he decides to adopt a positive attitude and uses it as an opportunity to strengthen the bond with his wife. The couple has been in a struggling relationship for a long time. Jack also decides to spend more time with his son Danny. The five-year-old son needs the dad’s attention, especially because of his high intelligence and bravery that can easily lead him to dangerous paths.

Jack gets frustrated a few days after moving with the family for the caretaker work because of malicious parties that make the workings station a nightmare for him. King, the author acts as the house tale, which is also part of the style twists. The shining audiobook is a unique story because of the author’s personal input and involvement.

The snowy period is not exciting for many because of the location of the hotel. There are only a handful of visitors at the hotel. Jack’s family is also uncomfortable with the idea but they have no choices at this time. It is one of the scary hotels that were abandoned for decades but the owners still try reviving. The author injects themes of love and understanding through the relationship of Jack and his family.

Plot twist

Stephen King - The Shining Audiobook Online Streaming
Stephen King – The Shining Audiobook Online Streaming

The shining audiobook is not like the traditional images on other shows. Most readers fall in love with Jack in the middle of the book on the basis of his leadership style both at home and at work. Wisdom is attractive to most readers and fans of the book. He has an interesting relationship with his son Danny; it is characterized by fun and guidance through games.

While it is an interesting experience for both, Danny and Wendy are victims of the evil that follows in the working environment of Jack. While he had a beautiful and bright future, it is lost because of evils in society. The author demonstrates inheritance of sins, Dad to son.

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By: Stephen King
Narrated by: Campbell Scott
Length: 15 hrs and 50 mins

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