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Dreamcatcher Audiobook Free

Stephen King - Dreamcatcher Audiobook Free Download
Stephen King – Dreamcatcher Audiobook Free Download

Dreamcatcher (2001) is an audiobook by American writer Stephen King, featuring elements of body horror, suspense, and alien invasion. The book, written in cursive, helped the author recuperate from a 1999 car accident, and was completed in half a year.

According to the author in his afterword, the working title was Cancer. His wife, Tabitha King, persuaded him to change the title. A film adaptation was released in 2003.

Plot summary

Suspenseful, frightening, and sometimes howlingly funny, a story of invasion and battle, survival and heroism. It is a story of how men remember … and how they love.

In Derry, Maine, four young boys once stood together and did a brave thing. Something that changed them in ways they hardly understand.

A quarter of a century later, the boys are men who have gone their separate ways. Though they still get together once a year, to go hunting in the north woods of Maine. But this time is different. This time a man comes stumbling into their camp, lost, disoriented and muttering about lights in the sky.

Before long, these old friends will be plunged into the most remarkable events of their lives as they struggle with a terrible creature from another world. Their only chance of survival is locked in their shared past – and in the Dreamcatcher Audiobook Free.

Listeners reviews

“I did struggle to get past the first 20% or so, but once I got into the meat of the story, I was hooked. Don’t let the oddity dissuade you from listening to Stephen King – Dreamcatcher Audiobook Mp3. It is now one of my favorites..”.

“If you’re not a King fan, this is not the audiobook to change your mind. In fact, it’ll probably just confuse you. But if you are a King fan, you’ll appreciate King doing what he does best: Weaving incredibly real, visceral, heart-crushing relationships between characters, and focusing on the nitty-gritty, often ugly little things people do and think that makes you, reader, feel so human.”

Download and Listen Free!

Stephen King – Dream Catcher is now available in audible format, almost 22 hours and 47 minutes long, yet the narration by Jeffrey DeMunn is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

By: Stephen King
Narrated by: Jeffrey DeMunn
Length: 22 hours and 47 minutes

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