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Neverwhere Audiobook Free Streaming Online

Neverwhere Audiobook Free Download and Listen by Neil Gaiman
Neverwhere Audiobook Free Download and Listen by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s darkly hypnotic story, Neverwhere Audiobook, heralded the arrival of a major talent and became a touchstone of urban fantasy. Over the years, a number of versions were produced both in the U.S. and the U.K.

This audiobook is the story of Richard Mayhew and his trials and tribulations in London. At the start of the story, he is a young businessman, recently moved from Scotland and with a normal life ahead. This breaks, however, when he stops to help a mysterious young girl who appears before him, bleeding and weakened, as he walks with his fiancée to dinner to meet her influential boss.

Neil is as enjoyable a narrator as he is an author. Having watched the series and read the novel several times apiece, I wondered if I would enjoy the audiobook. If anyone else was reading, I don’t think I’d’ve spent the money. I’m glad I did. What an excellent experience.


Richard wrote a diary entry in his head.

Dear Diary, he began. On Friday I had a job, a fiancee, a home, and lifestyles that made sense. (Well, as an awful lot as any existence makes sense.) Then I discovered injured female bleeding on the pavement, and I tried to be a Good Samaritan. Now I’ve acquired no fiancee, no home, no job, and I’m walking around a couple of hundred ft below the streets of London with the projected life expectancy of a suicidal mayfly.

But over time, assisting these people/creatures, Richard finds that means in his life. When he goes back to London Above, he realizes it’s now not the place he belongs.

Plot Summary

Under the streets of London, there’s a world most people could never even dream of: a city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, and pale girls in black velvet. Richard Mayhew is a young businessman who is about to find out more than he bargained for about this other London. A single act of kindness catapults him out of his safe and predictable life and into a world that is at once eerily familiar and yet utterly bizarre.

There’s a girl named Door, an Angel called Islington, an Earl who holds Court on the carriage of a Tube train, a Beast in a labyrinth, and dangers and delights beyond imagining… And Richard, who only wants to go home, is to find a strange destiny waiting for him below the streets of his native city.

Neverwhere Audiobook Reviews

Neverwhere Televison Adaption
Neverwhere Televison Adaption

Anyhoo! I am in love with the appears of this little audiobook! It does not have a dust jacket! It’s one of my fav hardbacks! I love them barring dust jackets. I have added a photo of the front and back. I have additionally introduced a photo of just one of the many illustrations through-out the book and the inner ebook flap that isn’t certainly a flap but they made it look like one! Now if I can just love the book! =D

OMG! I sat here attempting to think the place I new Chris Riddell that did the illustrations through-out this book. As soon as I began and saw the photo of the older Richard Mayhew it freaking hit me! The photo appeared like a grown-up image of Twig from The Edge Chronicles that Chris Riddell did the illustrations on. I cherished those books too.
Anyway, this used to be a dark little ebook but it also had hope for a man that used to be hopeless.

Richard Mayhew is residing in a life that is boring in my opinion. He goes to work doing boring work. He has a fiance, Jessica, that broadcasts they are getting married and exceptionally a whole lot tells him everything to do, what to wear, etc. She’s so stunning that he just does it and he’s a sort of a pushover but I like him.

One day a lady pops out of a door when Richard and Jessica are hurrying to dinner with one of Jessica’s clients. Richard stops to help the lady who is bleeding and incredibly lots blow Jessica off. Yay! Richard takes the female named, Door, to his domestic and lets her relaxation as she does not want to be taken to a hospital.

Turns out these creepy dudes named Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar are after her. Suddenly Richard is dragged into the world of London Below. It’s a very darkish story in London Below. Richard is caught there attempting to assist Door and some others. When he tried to go returned home once, he did not exist so he was stuck down below.

I cherished the characters in Neverwhere Audiobook Mp3, even the evil ones have been written terrifically. I love, love, cherished that Richard eventually located his area in the world. He truly is an excellent man <3

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Neil Gaiman - Audiobook Author
Neil Gaiman – Audiobook Author

Neil Gaiman – Neverwhere is now available in audible format, almost 12 hrs and 33 mins long, the narration by himself is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

By: Neil Gaiman
Narrated by: Neil Gaiman
Length: 12 hrs and 33 mins
Categories: Fiction, General & Contemporary

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