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Dungeon Master Audiobooks Online Streaming

Dungeon Master is a horror audiobook collection by author Éric Vall. This series includes 5 books. I have listened to several of Eric Vall’s books and presumed that this would be similar to others. I was wrong. Well written and orated.

Now you can listen and download all stories in Dungeon Master Audiobook.

Dungeon Master 1 Audiobook

Dungeon Master Audiobook Free Download
Dungeon Master Audiobook Free Download

Narrated by: Joshua Story
Length: 13 hrs and 9 mins
Release date: 03-26-19

What would you do if you were the most powerful dungeon deity in the world and the bindings keeping you trapped within your dungeon were broken?

Would you escape? Would you acquire a party of beautiful female minions? Would you use your new minions to conquer other dungeon deities, consume their magic, and grow even more powerful? Would you take over the world?

Would you then take over the heavens and destroy the gods?

Yes, you would do all of the above.

Dungeon Master 2 Audiobook

Dungeon Master 2 Audiobook Free
Dungeon Master 2 Audiobook Free

Narrated by: Joshua Story
Length: 10 hrs and 14 mins
Release date: 04-11-19

What would you do if a sniveling slimeball of a king tried to steal one of your harem members/minions?

Would you stand for his insult?

Or… Would you kill all of his supporters, take his riches and kingdom for yourself, and rip every last ounce of stolen power from his body?

Yeah, pretty sure you’d do the second one too.

Dungeon Master 3 Audiobook

Dungeon Master 3 Audiobook Free Download
Dungeon Master 3 Audiobook Free Download

Narrated by: Joshua Story
Length: 11 hrs and 15 mins
Release date: 06-19-19

What would you do if the ruler of the frozen northland kingdom tried to make one of your faithful minions marry someone else? Would you that happen? Or would you use your dungeon deity powers to dig under his land, invade his castle with your horde of monsters, and warm your soul with the sounds of his dying screams?

Come on. It’s the third book. We all know what you would do.

Dungeon Master 4 Audiobook

Dungeon Master 4
Dungeon Master 4

Coming Soon

What would you do if a group of usurpers tried to murder your minion-wife and take away your kingdom? Would you destroy them, follow them home to their sovereign island, kill all the gods they worship, and then conquer their land?

Yep. You would do that, and you’d laugh the entire time.

The Master becomes even darker as his power increases.

Dungeon Master 5 Audiobook

Dungeon Master 5
Dungeon Master 5

Coming Soon

Master and his faithful and loving minions have been through dozens of dungeons, battles, and death-defying challenges. Both the fallen god and his women have grown their powers significantly, and now they have fixed their sights on Baudouin, the power-hungry king of Tintagel.

They intend to destroy him and nothing will stand in their way.

Not even another group of fallen gods who may be just as powerful as Master.

Download and listen

Really nice young adult novel, the main character felt real to me. The girls he got to know are funny and engaging! The story so far is about enacting change in the magic profession called summoning. The elitist mages think they are hot shit compared to normal people, but everyone is equal in a fight and in death.

The characters develop nicely and some of the world building is shown to a better degree. I find the MC interesting and I like the approach. I was really hoping for more sex appeal in this book though. While there was a little more flirting and one particularly hilarious sexual teasing scene there was still only one sex scene. Mega bummer.


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