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The Witcher Saga Audiobooks Free Download
The Witcher Saga Audiobooks Free Download


The Witcher Saga is an amazing series of short stories, and the genre of this amazing saga is fantasy. The word witcher is basically for those people in the novel who are considered as a monster hunter. They are those young people who are able to get supernatural abilities by training themselves vigorously. These people who considered as the witchers have often done it at a young age.

Generally, it is known as The Witcher Audiobook, but if we include its whole series of stories of The Witcher, then it is known as The Witcher Saga.

The story is quite interesting, especially for those who love the supernatural and are in love with monsters. The Witcher Saga audiobooks free is also available for those who would like to experience such a novel. Not only this, this book was originally published in Polish which later translated in many different languages in the world including English as well.

The fun part of this audiobook that you can get a gaming experience of this story by playing The Witcher game.


If you have an experience of reading this amazing book, then you must know that this story revolves around the Geralt who is a witcher in s story and is of Rivia. But, if you want to get a better experience of this amazing saga, then you should get The Witcher Saga audiobook free. This is due to the reason that this audiobook can give you an amazing experience of the story.

Also, you will be able to get an experience of amazing sound effects as well as of different voices at different stages of the story as the story will get to unfold. The Witcher Saga audiobook Online Streaming can be available easily if you do decide to hear it. The reviews of this amazing story are quite positive from the audience as well. They thought of it as an awesome story and loved it how the story developed and unfolded.

The Narrator

The amazing narrator of this amazing saga, The Witcher Audiobooks, is Peter Kenney. The audience loved his work that how he was able to narrate the story that well and is a fan of him too. The way he narrated the story was quite amazing as well and leave the audience in awe.

The narrator, Peter Kenney, is gifted with many talents, but not only the talent of narration. He is a singer, voice artist and as well as a designer too.


Andrzej Sapkowski is the marvelous writer that blessed us with the amazing saga of The Witcher. He works in fantasy and is a fantasy writer. He belongs to Poland and is Polish. He was born on the twenty-first of June in 1948 and is of 70 years currently. The most famous work of his is this amazing The Witcher Saga that people came in to love with it and liked it a lot. His books are not only in Polish but are also translated into almost 20 different languages as well.

The Witcher Saga consists of three short stories in total and as well as of five novels. You can get the amazing experience of this saga if you are an audio listener by getting The Witcher Saga audiobooks. Especially, if you are into supernatural fantasy, you will get to love it a lot as well.

  1. Book 1 – Blood of Elves Audiobook
  2. Book 2 – Time of Contempt Audiobook
  3. Book 3 – Baptism of Fire Audiobook
  4. Book 4 – The Tower of the Swallow Audiobook
  5. Book 5 – Lady of the Lake Audiobook
  6. The Witcher 6: Season of Storms Audiobook

Two stories:

  1. The Witcher: Sword of Destiny Audiobook
  2. The Witcher: The Last Wish Audiobook

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