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The Kane Chronicles

The Kane Chronicles Audiobook is a trilogy of adventure and Egyptian mythological fiction audiobooks written by American author Rick Riordan.

The audiobooks are narrated alternately in first-person by the two protagonists, siblings Carter and Sadie Kane. The siblings are powerful magicians descended from the two pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great. They and their friends are forced to contend with Egyptian gods and goddesses who still interact with the modern world.

The Red Pyramid Audiobook

The first audiobook in the series details how the Egyptian gods came to arise, and how the Kane siblings begin to realize their destiny as two of the most powerful magicians to be born since the fall of Ancient Egypt. They set out to stop Set from destroying North America and possibly all of the modern world and to rescue their father who has fallen into Set’s clutches.

The Throne of Fire Audiobook

The second audiobook in the series details the journey of Carter and Sadie as they search for the Book of Ra, which will allow them to find Ra and gain his support in the coming battle against Apophis.

The Serpent’s Shadow Audiobook

The third and final audiobook in The Kane Chronicles series. It contains the final battle against Apophis.