Sanctuary Audiobook – Dragon Jousters Series, Book 3


Embark on an exhilarating journey with Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey, narrated by Ryan Burke. Delve into a world of dragons, heroes, and hidden sanctuaries as Vetch and his friends brave dangers beyond imagination. This science fiction and fantasy masterpiece promises thrills and adventure at every turn. Ready to join the dragon riders? Listen for free on and let your imagination soar!


In the tranquil setting of a lush garden on a sunny afternoon, I found myself engrossed in the captivating world of Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey. As the gentle breeze rustled through the leaves and birds chirped in the background, I was transported to Alta, the homeland of Vetch, a place he holds dear to his heart.

The story unfolds with Vetch returning to Alta with a newfound purpose, only to discover that Priest-Kings hold power over the land, thwarting his aspirations. Determined to raise dragons and train dragon riders, Vetch faces challenges as Alta proves to be an unsafe environment for their training. Seeking refuge, Vetch and his companions find solace in a hidden sanctuary, where they must protect their secrets from looming threats.

The tension mounts as Vetch realizes that time is running out before their training is complete and danger lurks at every corner. The stakes are high as they prepare to face their adversaries, knowing that failure could mean dire consequences for all dragon riders. Mercedes Lackey’s narrative shines brighter in Sanctuary, showcasing her bold storytelling and confidence in crafting compelling heroes.

Narrated flawlessly by Ryan Burke, the audiobook immerses listeners in a world where courage and determination reign supreme. Burke’s delivery adds depth and emotion to each character, enhancing the overall experience of this epic tale.


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