The Malice audiobook – The Vagrant, Book 2

Step into a realm where swords whisper ancient tales of valor and sacrifice with The Malice, penned by acclaimed author Peter Newman. Narrated with finesse by Jot Davies, this science fiction and fantasy masterpiece immerses you in a world teetering on the brink of chaos and redemption. Join Vesper as she heeds the call of destiny wielding the legendary sword against formidable foes. Dive into this gripping saga for free on and experience a saga that will resonate long after the final chapter fades to silence.

As I settled into my favorite space, ready to embark on another audiobook adventure, The Malice by Peter Newman unfolded before me like a tapestry of science fiction and fantasy woven with intricate detail. The echoes of the alien invasion in The Vagrant still lingered in the minds of survivors, but now a new beacon of hope emerges in the form of the enigmatic sword known as Malice.

The tale takes a fresh turn as the Vagrant grapples with the decision to once again wield the powerful sword in defense against a new threat. His reluctance stems not from weariness of battle, but from newfound familial ties that anchor him in a different way. Enter Vesper, a new hero chosen by destiny to take up the mantle and face the encroaching darkness.

Peter Newman deftly navigates this shift in protagonists, seamlessly guiding us through a narrative that brims with tension and anticipation. The stakes are higher, the dangers more ominous, and Jot Davies skillfully captures these nuances in his narration. Despite occasional challenges with character shifts, Davies brings a dynamic energy to the story that keeps listeners engaged.

With each twist and turn, The Malice propels us towards an epic conclusion that promises to be nothing short of monumental. As we await the unfolding mysteries surrounding The Seven and the ultimate showdown looming on the horizon, one thing is certain – this audiobook is a riveting journey into realms where courage, sacrifice, and destiny collide.

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