My Bluegrass Baby audiobook – Bluegrass (Harper), Book 1

Embark on a romantic adventure with My Bluegrass Baby by acclaimed author Molly Harper. Narrated by the talented Amanda Ronconi, this audiobook introduces listeners to the spirited rivalry between Sadie Hutchins and Josh Vaughn as they compete for a prestigious promotion at the Kentucky Tourism Commission. Harper’s knack for blending humor and heart shines through in this captivating story of love and ambition. Experience this enchanting tale for free on and discover a world where passion meets professionalism in unexpected ways.

As I settled into my favorite space with the My Bluegrass Baby audiobook playing softly in the background, I found myself transported into a charming world of romance and rivalry. Molly Harper, known for her captivating storytelling in the romantic fiction genre, weaves a delightful tale in this first chapter of a new contemporary romance series. The dynamic narration by Amanda Ronconi brought the characters to life with her emphatic and powerful voice, creating an immersive listening experience.

The story follows Sadie Hutchins, a dedicated employee at the Kentucky Tourism Commission, who finds herself competing for a promotion against the sophisticated Josh Vaughn. Their contrasting personalities and visions clash as they vie for the coveted director position, leading to a battle filled with wit, charm, and unexpected chemistry. Harper skillfully navigates the complexities of love and ambition, drawing readers into a world where passion and professional rivalry collide.

Through Harper’s expertly crafted narrative and Ronconi’s engaging delivery, My Bluegrass Baby unfolds as a tale of unexpected connections and personal growth. The banter between Sadie and Josh is both entertaining and heartfelt, showcasing their gradual shift from adversaries to allies. As their relationship evolves amidst office politics and romantic tension, listeners are treated to a journey filled with humor, heartache, and ultimately, hope.

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