Artifact Audiobook – Jaya Jones, Book 1


Dive into the enigmatic world of Artifact by Gigi Pandian, narrated by Allyson Ryan. Join Vicki on a perilous quest across Mexico as she unravels mysteries and confronts hidden truths. With each chapter unveiling new complexities and betrayals, this gripping tale will keep you on the edge of your seat for 7 hours and 42 minutes. Immerse yourself in this riveting mystery thriller for free on Prepare for an unforgettable journey filled with twists and revelations!

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As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over my cozy bedroom, I embarked on a thrilling journey with Artifact by Gigi Pandian. Nestled under my soft blankets, I let Allyson Ryan’s captivating voice guide me through the twists and turns of this mystery thriller.

The story unfolds in Mexico, where Vicki, a complex character shrouded in mystery, navigates a web of danger and deception. From the moment we meet her, Vicki’s enigmatic nature keeps us guessing; is she a victim or a mastermind? The layers of her personality unravel slowly, revealing a woman driven by ambition and secrets.

As Vicki races against time to outwit those hunting her for her wealth, her cunning schemes mirror the dark intentions of her pursuers. It becomes clear that beneath her facade lies a calculated strategist willing to do whatever it takes to secure her future. Amidst the chaos, unexpected alliances form, adding depth to Vicki’s character and leaving us questioning loyalties.

Allyson Ryan’s narration effortlessly blends Mexican flair with American charm, enhancing the immersive experience. The seamless transition between cultures enriches the narrative, drawing listeners deeper into Vicki’s world of intrigue and suspense.


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