Appaloosa audiobook – A Cole and Hitch Novel, Book 1

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Moonshine Audiobook by acclaimed author Rob Thurman, narrated by the captivating voice of MacLeod Andrews. This literary gem blends elements of fiction and fantasy seamlessly as it unravels the epic saga of Quinn MacKenna’s quest for survival and redemption. Immerse yourself in a world where ancient powers clash, secrets unravel, and destinies intertwine.

Experience the thrill of this captivating narrative for free on and lose yourself in a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Join Quinn MacKenna on her journey through darkness and light, love and sacrifice, as she navigates through realms unknown in pursuit of truth and justice. Don’t miss out on this riveting audiobook that promises to ignite your imagination and captivate your soul.

In the enchanting world of the Moonshine Audiobook by Rob Thurman, narrated by the talented MacLeod Andrews, listeners are transported into a realm where dark wizardry and divine dilemmas collide. As the epic tale unfolds, Quinn MacKenna, a demigoddess with a past as an arms vendor, finds herself in a precarious situation where time is her enemy and her friends are missing or imprisoned. The chaotic state of the world only adds to her challenges as she navigates through the shadows of Boston, homeless and alone.

The gripping narrative takes unexpected turns as Quinn is faced with a daunting ultimatum – surrender herself before the next full moon or witness dire consequences unfold in her city. Struggling with impossible choices and looming deadlines, Quinn is forced to entrust others with the fate of Boston, realizing that she cannot bear the burden alone. When a pack of Missouri werewolves leads her to question the motives of a white witch, Quinn must unravel mysteries and make difficult decisions to protect her city.

As Quinn delves deeper into a world filled with magic and danger, she must harness powers beyond her comprehension, reunite with unlikely allies, and embark on a perilous witch hunt to prevent a massacre. The journey towards immortality proves to be far from glamorous as Quinn grapples with sacrifices and unforeseen challenges that test her resilience and strength.

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