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Four Past Midnight Audiobook Free

At midnight comes the point of balance. Of danger. The instant of utter stillness when, between two beats of the heart, an alternative reality can slip through, like a blade between the ribs, and switch you into a new and terrifying world.

Stephen King - Four Past Midnight Audiobook Free Download
Stephen King – Four Past Midnight Audiobook Free Download


Four Past Midnight Audiobook is a collection of novellas by Stephen King. It is his second book of this type, the first one being Different Seasons. In the introduction, King says that, while a collection of four novellas like Different Seasons Audiobook, this book is more strictly horror with elements of the supernatural.

The collection won the Bram Stoker Award in 1990 for Best Collection and was nominated for a Locus Award in 1991.

Each story summary

One Past Midnight

“The Langoliers” takes a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Boston into a most unfriendly sky. Only eleven passengers survive, but landing in an eerily empty world makes them wish they hadn’t. Because something’s waiting for them.

Two Past Midnight

“Secret Window, Secret Garden” enters the suddenly strange life of writer Mort Rainey, recently divorced, depressed, and alone on the shore of Tashmore Lake. Alone, that is, until a figure named John Shooter arrives, pointing an accusing finger.

Three Past Midnight

“The Library Policeman” is set in Junction City, Iowa, an unlikely place for evil to be hiding. But for small businessman Sam Peebles, who thinks he may be losing his mind, another enemy is hiding there as well—the truth. If he can find it in time, he might stand a chance.

Four Past Midnight

“The Sun Dog” is a menacing canine appearing in every Polaroid picture that fifteen-year-old Kevin Delevan takes with his new camera, beckoning him to the supernatural. Old Pop Merrill, Castle Rock’s sharpest trader, aims to exploit it for profit, but this creature that shouldn’t exist at all is a very dangerous investment.


  • The Langoliers. This one was my favorite. Its haunting as hell and will keep you hooked until the end. Of course almost everybody has seen the made for tv movie but its a great read even if you have seen the movie. As with all Stephen King the characters are very believable.
  • Secret Window. My third favorite. There are a lot of notable variations between the book and the movie, some not for the better but otherwise the story was excellent. Get ready for a wild ride into the human mind.
  • The Library Policeman. My second favorite. This was an intense and exciting tale of seeing your childhood fears as an adult. Twisted and might even put a sentimental lump in your throat.
  • The Sun Dog. My least favorite. This one seems to be Kings attempt at a quick page filler. Seemed like amature writing at best. Very disapointed he saved this one until last. The plot was so rediculous i had to force myself to finish it.

Four Past Midnight Audiobook Mp3 collection as a whole, minus The Sun Dog, was a King must read. I would have given 5 stars without the last story but its there. But even so if you are a King fan then you need to check out thos collection.

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Stephen King – Four Past Midnight is now available in audible format, almost 29 hrs and 38 mins long, the narration by James Woods, Ken Howard, Tim Sample, Willem Dafoe is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

By: Stephen King
Narrated by: James Woods, Ken Howard, Tim Sample, Willem Dafoe
Length: 29 hrs and 38 mins

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