11.22.63 Audiobook by Stephen King


11.22.63 Audiobook Streaming Online (read by Craig Wasson)

11.22.63 Audiobook Free Download by Stephen King
11.22.63 Audiobook Free Download by Stephen King

A more recent novel by the honorable Stephen King, 11.22.63 audiobook, is focused on the story of a time-traveler who travels back in time in order to restrain the assassination of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy which took place on November 22, 1963.

As the name of this terrifying Sci-Fi novel indicates the date and the day when President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, the writer Stephen King narrates how the world changed for most of the Americans and how everyone was thinking about if they could have stopped the horrific event and that the Kennedy could have been saved if one could control the past and change the future.

Published on November 8, 2011, King’s novel was quick to become an international and number one bestseller on the market. 11-22-63 required a great amount of extensive research into the years of the late 1950s and early 1960s. When asked about it, King reportedly mentioned how he had never previously worked on anything like this before.


The idea for this novel first came to King in 1971, even before the release of his first published book, Carrie Audiobook. However, King felt that a novel of such an important topic should be more researched and so, he proceeded to delay the idea.

Different than his usual books, 11.22.63 Audiobook Mp3, was written by King to expand his audience. After some of his horror novels became increasingly popular, King had developed a following of readers who specifically enjoyed horror and supernatural stories. Thus, the historical fiction genre was opened up and ready for King to try.

Because if its highly positive reviews, 11.22.63, was adapted into an American television series in 2016, however, not being as successful the book, it came to an end after only one season.

The Author

The King of Horror established his name once again after publishing this amazing historical fiction novel. This is the 60th audiobook that was published by Stephen King and 49th novel that was written under his own name.

King reached out to a completely different group of audiences after publishing this novel. Although fiction, 11.22.63 falls into a very separate genre than King’s usual horror and fantasy novels. This novel by King is perfect for a reader who wishes to see what would have happened if the course of life somehow changed many years ago.

Plot Summary

For Jake Epping, life is pretty much as normal as it can get. An English teacher at a high school in Lisbon Falls, Maine is not bound to fall into very exciting events. One day while grading GED papers, Jake falls onto a piece written by Harry Dunning, a janitor with a brain injury.

After reading the piece Jake realizes that Harry’s father had slaughtered the entire family that had left him with a permanent brain injury.

Just recovering from the shock his students past, another secret is revealed to Jake. The local diner’s owner, Al, who is also a friend of Jakes discloses that a time-traveling portal is set up in the diner’s storeroom. Further along with the story, Al explains to Jake that his main mission is to travel to 1963 and stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. After spending years on research, Al believes many of the world’s problems would cease to exist if the assassination had not taken place.

Jake later tests out the portal and travels back in time to save Harry’s family from the brutal slaughter that his father is about to commit. Jake manages to save all except one of Harry’s siblings. After traveling back to the present, it is shown that as a result of the change in history, Harry had died in Vietnam.

Still trying to process this information, Jake finds out that Al has committed suicide and now he must correct his actions to prevent all of these changes from happening.

After various times of traveling back and forth, history begins to disrupt itself and the present world is in shambles. It is revealed that reality will simply cease to exist if all is not put back to how it was before. Jake then goes back in time and restores all of his previous “changes” which leads the present to go back to the date the novel had begun with.

Listener Reviews

In this story, the writer starts telling about a person named Jake who teaches GED students and ask them about writing essays to find out and tell everyone regarding a horrifying event in their lives. That day he gets through the story written by one of his student in which he narrates the murder of his family including his mother, brother, and sister who were murdered by his father.

At the same time when he was just comparing how life turns out to be after the tragic event, one of Jake’s friends confesses about a secret exit to the past that exists in his storeroom.

The story then develops around the plan where Jack intends to change the past to make sure the future is much better by stopping Kennedy’s assassination. The whole story is based on the terrifying, life-changing events that Jake has to face when he is in his real life and when he goes to the past from that storeroom and experience all the terror that was there during the past years.

Perfectly narrated by Craig Wasson, this story keeps the reader into its life-changing scenarios involved so much that you could think if you are also living in the 1960s where there are ancient big cars and cigars surround you all the way long. Similarly, and the other version of the same story makes use of Sci-Fi and the real-time moments to enhance the natural touch and increased involvement of the reader to the story.

Download and Listen

Stephen King – 11.22.63 is now available in audible format, almost 30 hrs and 38 mins long, the narration by Craig Wasson is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

Narrated by: Craig Wasson
Length: 30 hrs and 38 mins
Categories: Fiction, General & Contemporary

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