Winter Fire Audiobook by Ryan Whitaker Smith


Embark on an exhilarating journey with Winter Fire by Ryan Whitaker Smith. Narrated by Rob Jones, this gripping installment delves into Sigurd’s relentless pursuit for justice against King Gorm. Filled with intrigue and valor, this 5-hour-and-23-minute audiobook promises to captivate your soul. Listen for free on and experience the rise of a legendary hero in the making within the realm of religion & spirituality.

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As the winter wind howled outside, I found solace in the captivating world of Winter Fire by Ryan Whitaker Smith. Nestled under a cozy blanket on my bed, with the soft glow of a bedside lamp casting a warm hue, I was transported into a realm of spirituality and intrigue.

Philip Stevens’ narration brought to life the fiery tale of Sigurd, a man fueled by vengeance and unwavering determination. In this second installment, the stakes are higher, and the intensity palpable. Sigurd’s quest for justice against King Gorm, whom he now deems an oathbreaker, is both riveting and heart-wrenching.

The narrative unfolds with a sense of urgency as Sigurd and his allies embark on a perilous journey to acquire the legendary spear of Odin. This powerful weapon not only symbolizes hope but also unites their cause, igniting a newfound courage among the rebels. Giles Kristian masterfully crafts Sigurd as a hero in the making, his resilience and valor shining brightly amidst adversity.

The Rise of Sigurd series truly comes into its own in this installment, drawing readers deeper into a world where loyalty is tested and destinies are forged. While each character grapples with their inner demons and external threats, the overarching theme of perseverance resonates profoundly.

Immerse yourself in this epic tale of courage and sacrifice; let Winter Fire kindle your spirit and ignite your imagination.


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