The Groom Says Yes Audiobook – The Brides of Wishmore, Book 3

Step into the enchanting world of The Groom Says Yes audiobook by Cathy Maxwell. Join Sabrina and Mac on a journey filled with mystery, passion, and unexpected love as they navigate through secrets from the past. Narrated beautifully by Mary Jane Wells, this captivating romance will tug at your heartstrings from start to finish. Dive into this compelling story for free on An audiobook worth every moment!

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over my cozy reading nook in the garden, I immersed myself in The Groom Says Yes audiobook by Cathy Maxwell. With Mary Jane Wells’ soothing voice narrating Sabrina and Mac’s story, I was transported to a world of mystery and romance that captivated my heart.

Sabrina, a dutiful daughter resigned to her fate as a spinster, unexpectedly finds herself entangled with Cormac Enright, Earl of Ballin. Their initial friction and undeniable chemistry kept me on the edge of my seat, rooting for their love to blossom amidst the shadows of suspicion and intrigue.

Cathy Maxwell weaves a tale of redemption and passion, where characters are flawed yet endearing. Sabrina’s inner struggles and Mac’s determination to clear his name added layers of complexity that made their journey all the more compelling. The twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing until the very end, eager to uncover each character’s true intentions.

The Groom Says Yes is not just a romance; it’s a story of resilience, self-discovery, and unexpected love that transcends societal expectations. As I listened to each chapter unfold, I found myself drawn deeper into Sabrina and Mac’s world, rooting for their happily ever after amidst adversity.

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