The Chronothon audiobook – In Times Like These, Book 2

Dive into the depths of fear with In Ashes Born audiobook by Nathan Lowell, brought to life by the spellbinding narration of Jeffrey Kafer. Traverse realms of science fiction and fantasy as Ishmael Wang navigates treacherous waters of vengeance alongside his steadfast companion Phillip Carstairs. Join them on their harrowing voyage aboard the Chernyakova as they confront malevolent forces from beyond existence itself. Experience this gripping tale for free on, where every whisper and roar will echo in your mind long after the final chapter ends.

Embark on a spine-chilling odyssey with Nathan Lowell’s In Ashes Born audiobook, where eerie characters and haunting pasts collide in a mesmerizing tale of mystery and retribution. Ishmael Wang, a man shrouded in enigmatic history and solitude, finds himself drawn back to the haunting landscapes of Port Newmar. His reunion with old friend Phillip Carstairs unveils a chilling quest for justice, as they seek to confront a malevolent force that lurks beyond the realm of the living.

As the narrative unfolds aboard the ominous Chernyakova, expertly voiced by Jeffrey Kafer in a masterful performance that oscillates between hushed confessions and thunderous confrontations, listeners are ensnared in a web of suspense and dread. Lowell’s storytelling weaves a tapestry of horror and intrigue, where every whispered secret and resounding clash propels the listener deeper into the heart of darkness.

Kafer’s narration transcends mere storytelling; it becomes an immersive experience that grips the soul and refuses to let go. The contrast between his haunting whispers and explosive declarations creates an atmosphere charged with tension and foreboding, keeping listeners on edge until the final, chilling denouement.

In Ashes Born is not just a tale of terror; it is a symphony of fear that resonates long after the last word fades. Nathan Lowell’s intricate world-building and Jeffrey Kafer’s evocative delivery converge to create an unforgettable listening experience that will haunt your thoughts and dreams alike.

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