Mortal Audiobook – Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 6


Immerse yourself in Shawn Chesser’s gripping tale of survival with Mortal, narrated by Chris Patton. Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape overrun by undead horrors, follow Major Freda Nash’s perilous mission to rescue her missing comrades and secure humanity’s last hope for salvation. With intense storytelling and captivating narration, this audiobook promises an adrenaline-fueled experience. Listen and download for free on – prepare for an unforgettable journey through darkness and determination.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over my cozy bed, I delved into the post-apocalyptic world of Mortal by Shawn Chesser. With Chris Patton’s compelling narration filling the room, I found myself immersed in a tale of survival and despair.

The story unfolds in a world ravaged by the Omega virus, where only a small fraction of humanity remains uninfected. The once-thriving United States now teems with undead monsters, and hope for a cure seems dim. Cade and his team, after facing numerous challenges in their quest for an antiserum, suddenly vanish without a trace, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty and fear.

Major Freda Nash steps up to the plate, determined to rescue Cade and his comrades from enemy hands. As tension mounts and desperation grips those left behind, including Cade’s anxious family awaiting his return, Shawn Chesser masterfully weaves a narrative that keeps you on edge.

Chris Patton’s narration shines as he brings life to the secondary characters, adding depth to the unfolding drama. While Cade takes a backseat in this installment, his presence is keenly felt throughout the story, underscoring his importance in the fight for survival.

In this gripping continuation of the series, Chesser skillfully portrays the struggles of individuals caught in dire circumstances, highlighting their resilience and unwavering determination amidst chaos. Mortal is a testament to human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds – a riveting journey that will keep you on tenterhooks until the very end.


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