Living Apart audiobook by Nikole Hannah-Jones

Embark on a riveting journey through intertwined lives in Wahala, penned by author Nikki May and brought to life by narrator Natalie Simpson. Follow Ronke, Kayode, Simi, Boo, and Isobel as they navigate intricate relationships fraught with desires unmet and secrets unveiled. Dive into this gripping tale available for free download on and immerse yourself in a world where friendship teeters on betrayal and love battles against inner demons.

As I settled into my favorite cozy corner, ready to embark on a new audiobook journey, Wahala by Nikki May unfolded before me like a tapestry of interconnected lives yearning for fulfillment. Narrated with grace and depth by Natalie Simpson, the story delves into the intertwined fates of three women grappling with unfulfilled desires and intricate relationships.

Nikki May skillfully weaves a narrative that draws you into the tumultuous lives of Ronke, Kayode, Simi, and Boo. Ronke’s pursuit of an idyllic life with her chosen partner and dreams of a complete family tugs at the heartstrings as she navigates through doubts and external opinions. Kayode’s enigmatic persona raises doubts among her friends, hinting at underlying complexities in their relationship.

Simi’s internal struggles with profound psychological challenges add layers of emotional depth to the storyline, contrasting starkly with her husband’s simplistic solution. Boo’s seemingly perfect life belies inner turmoil rooted in haunting memories that refuse to fade away.

The introduction of Isobel injects a twist into the trio’s dynamic, leading to unforeseen consequences that test the strength of their bonds. Nikki May deftly explores themes of friendship, love, and betrayal against a backdrop of individual quests for happiness and fulfillment.

Natalie Simpson breathes life into each character with her nuanced narration, capturing the essence of their joys, sorrows, and conflicts. Her delivery enhances the emotional resonance of the narrative, immersing listeners in the intricate web of relationships that define the characters’ journeys.

Wahala is a captivating exploration of human complexities and interpersonal dynamics that resonate long after the final chapter. Nikki May’s storytelling prowess combined with Natalie Simpson’s evocative narration make this audiobook a compelling listen for anyone seeking an immersive experience in literature and fiction.

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