InterWorld audiobook – InterWorld, Book 1

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey with InterWorld, a spellbinding creation by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Journey alongside Joey Harker as he navigates through realms teeming with magic and science, voiced enchantingly by Christopher Evan Welch. This young adult masterpiece promises thrills aplenty as Joey discovers his pivotal role in safeguarding multiple dimensions from malevolent forces. Dive into this epic adventure for free on and witness a tale that transcends boundaries of time and space.

Venture into InterWorld today – where heroes are forged in the crucible of otherworldly trials and destinies are shaped by courage unfurled across vast dimensions.

Lost in the captivating realms of InterWorld, I found myself entranced by the collaborative genius of Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. This novel, a delightful concoction of adventure and wonder, beckons young hearts to embark on a journey beyond imagination. Christopher Evan Welch’s narration breathed life into the tale, his voice painting vivid landscapes of Joey Harker’s multidimensional odyssey.

Joey, our unassuming protagonist, stumbles into a world far beyond his wildest dreams – or nightmares. Caught between warring factions of magic and science, he discovers his unique ability to traverse dimensions coveted by both sides. As Joey confronts the darkness lurking in these new worlds, he must make choices that will shape not only his destiny but the fate of all existence.

The authors masterfully weave a tapestry of suspense and intrigue, drawing readers into a realm where every twist and turn unveils new wonders and dangers. Through Joey’s eyes, we witness the power of courage and unity in the face of formidable adversaries, resonating with themes of identity, loyalty, and resilience.

InterWorld is not merely a tale; it is an invitation to explore the boundless possibilities of imagination and the strength that lies within us all. As Joey rallies his diverse counterparts from alternate dimensions, we are reminded of the transformative power of collaboration and solidarity in overcoming adversity.

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