Husband Audiobook – Betrothed Series, Book 2


Immerse yourself in the compelling world of Husband by Penelope Sky, a riveting romance novel that explores love’s intricacies and sacrifices. Let Michael Ferraiuolo and Lia Langola guide you through this tale of unfulfilled prophecies and undeniable passion. Dive into this captivating audiobook for free on and experience a rollercoaster of emotions that will linger long after the final chapter.

I hope you find these pieces engaging and reflective of the audiobook’s essence!


As the sun gently peeked through my curtains on a lazy Sunday morning, I found myself entranced by the captivating tale woven in Husband audiobook by Penelope Sky. Nestled in my cozy bed with a steaming cup of coffee, I embarked on a journey filled with love, longing, and unforeseen twists.

The story unfolds around a man haunted by a decades-old prophecy that foretold his unrequited love for the woman of his dreams. Sofia, in need of a husband after her father’s passing, becomes entwined in this intricate web of fate and desire. The depth of emotions portrayed as he grapples with his feelings for Sofia resonated deeply within me. Penelope Sky masterfully crafts a narrative that delves into the complexities of love and sacrifice.

Narrated flawlessly by Michael Ferraiuolo and Lia Langola, their voices breathed life into each character, evoking raw emotions that tugged at my heartstrings. The chemistry between the narrators added an extra layer of depth to an already gripping storyline.


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