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Dive into the vibrant world of Glitter by Abbi Glines. Set against the backdrop of an 18th-century Versailles palace, young Danica plots her escape from a tyrant king’s clutches. Trapped in tradition but surrounded by modernity, she sees salvation in selling the drug Glitter. Experience this intriguing blend of historical setting and contemporary dilemma, narrated by the talented Sasha Higgins.

As the ambiance of 18th-century Versailles permeated the room, Sasha Higgins’ voice transported me right into the heart of Abbi Glines’ Glitter. This isn’t your traditional historical romance; instead, it cleverly juxtaposes the decadence and rigid traditions of the old world with the dilemmas of modern-day life.

At the core of the narrative is the young Danica, an unwitting pawn in the palace’s dangerous game of politics and power. Her innocence is tainted early on, witnessing the king’s brutality. This same king, in a twisted turn of events, chooses her as his bride, sealing her fate-or so it seems.

Despite the looming, oppressive walls of the palace, and the ever-watchful eyes of its inhabitants, Danica’s spirit remains unbroken. Glines paints a portrait of a young woman who is both a product of her time and ahead of it. Her solution? The drug Glitter, which she believes is her ticket out of the gilded cage.

Yet, as the story unfolds, it’s clear that escaping the palace isn’t her only challenge. The underworld’s murky depths, where she plans to peddle Glitter, pose their own set of threats. Danica’s journey is fraught with decisions that challenge her morality and determination.

Sasha Higgins does a commendable job capturing the essence of each character, especially Danica. Her narration mirrors the protagonist’s journey from innocence to cunning, reflecting the transformative nature of her experiences.

In conclusion, Glitter is a compelling tale that merges historical opulence with contemporary challenges. It serves as a reminder of the lengths one might go to find freedom and the moral lines we’re willing to cross for salvation. A riveting listen for those who enjoy tales of resilience, cunning, and a touch of romance. Highly recommended!

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