Ghost of a Chance Audiobook – Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Book 2.5

Embark on a magical journey with Ghost of a Chance Audiobook by Angie Fox, narrated by Tavia Gilbert. Join Verity Long as she navigates through mysteries and revelations in this captivating Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery installment. Immerse yourself in an hour-long adventure filled with friendship and unexpected discoveries. Ready to unravel secrets? Listen for free on and let the spirits guide you through this captivating tale.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over my cozy bedroom, I found myself captivated by the enchanting world of Ghost of a Chance Audiobook from Angie Fox. Tavia Gilbert’s soothing voice filled the room, creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for diving into this Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery.

Verity Long, our spirited protagonist who can communicate with ghosts, immediately drew me in with her spunky personality and unwavering determination. The holiday season setting added a touch of magic to the tale, making it feel like a whimsical escape from reality. Verity’s decision to step back from ghost hunting resonated with me; sometimes we all need a break from our usual routines to focus on what truly matters.

When Verity embarks on a mission to help her friend find a missing antique at an extravagant party, little did she know she would stumble upon a shocking revelation that would alter her perception of everything. The blend of mystery and intrigue kept me on the edge of my seat, eagerly anticipating each twist and turn in the plot.

Ghost of a Chance is not just a story about ghosts; it’s about friendship, loyalty, and uncovering secrets that challenge our beliefs. Angie Fox’s storytelling combined with Tavia Gilbert’s engaging narration creates an immersive experience that lingers long after the audiobook ends.

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