Fists of Justice Audiobook – Schooled in Magic, Book 12

Embark on an enchanting adventure with Fists of Justice Audiobook by Christopher G. Nuttall from the beloved Schooled in Magic series. Join Emily as she navigates political turmoil, magical revelations, and personal challenges in a world on the brink of chaos. Narrated flawlessly by Tavia Gilbert, this audiobook promises hours of immersive storytelling that will leave you spellbound. Experience it all for free on – where magic meets reality!

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over my cozy bedroom, I embarked on a thrilling journey with the Fists of Justice audiobook by Christopher G. Nuttall. Nestled under my soft blankets, I let the velvety voice of Tavia Gilbert guide me through the magical world of Emily and her quest for justice.

From the moment Emily’s chickens returned to the nest in Beneficence, I was captivated by the intricate web of politics, magic, and personal relationships woven throughout this tale. As a 30-year-old woman who appreciates strong female protagonists, Emily’s resilience and determination resonated deeply with me. Her evolution from a lone child to a powerful force reshaping her world was both inspiring and thought-provoking.

Narrated with impeccable skill by Tavia Gilbert, each character came to life in vivid detail, making me feel like a silent observer in their tumultuous lives. The blend of industrialism, early economic changes, and magical elements added layers of complexity to the storyline, keeping me engaged and eager to uncover each twist and turn.

The themes of power struggles, familial bonds, and societal upheaval struck a chord within me as I navigated through Emily’s challenges alongside her. Nuttall’s world-building skills shone brightly in this installment of the Schooled in Magic series, offering a rich tapestry of history and fantasy for listeners to immerse themselves in.

In conclusion, Fists of Justice is a gripping addition to the series that delves deep into themes of growth, sacrifice, and legacy. With its engaging narrative and dynamic characters, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of fantasy and adventure. Dive into Emily’s world for free on and prepare for an unforgettable journey filled with magic and intrigue.

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